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Jurnale - SoLa 2002 - Summer Camp

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SoLa 2002 - Summer Camp
Switzerland 2002


                ,, …picior de plai, 
                        pe-o gura de rai …”
                                    see you in 3 weeks.


A very convincing invitation makes us to be now, 9 scouts from Romania, in a bus that takes us to Switzerland. Most of us get out of the country for the first time in their life. Emotions, happiness, the wish to know and see more, they all are now in our souls.

From Romania – Sibiu – we left on Friday 17 august 2002. We passed through Hungary, Austria and Germany on our way to Switzerland. In Stuttgart some Swiss leaders waited for us. After we met ourselves we talked a little. We were nervous because some people from other countries think that Romanian people are gypsy or thieves. This is not true and we had to make a good impression from the very first day.

The Swiss leaders that waited for us took us to a park in Stuttgart, a park full of animals and plants, a great park. They took us through Stuttgart for a few hours.

After we saw the park from Stuttgart we went with two little buses to Switzerland. The road was very beautiful and fast.

In Switzerland, for a few nights before the camp we slept at a hotel for young people. It was great.
From this moment what you will read is the dairy of the Swiss camp starting with the first day.

Monday, 22 July 2002.

It wasn’t early when the boy scouts from Sibiu went to the train station and met the girl scouts from Frauenfeld. Together they went by train, by bus and by foot to the place where the camp was going to be. A great idea of the Swiss leaders was to make teams which should build the necessary things in the camp. The teams were made by scouts from both of the countries and this way the scouts communicated and started to know things one of each other.
In the evening, near the camp fire all the scouts played a game of knowing and meeting each other, a game that was very funny and that at the beginning didn’t seem to be a game.
A really great day. A day when the scouts from both countries worked together, had fun together and started to know things about the others.

Tuesday, 23 July 2002.

Today morning, to wake up, someone came with a cassette recorder and put some nice songs. After the breakfast ( where we served some great food ) the same teams continued to build things that are very necessary in the camp.
In the evening, when we were playing some songs, someone attacked our camp and we all went into the forest. Here we made some weapons and after some time we came back to the camp.
Nothing compares with the felling of running in the smoke of a camp in flames.

Wednesday, 24 July 2002.

Today, because we wanted to be accepted into the tribe, we built some little houses made from wood and tree leaves. Through this action we all tried to apply all our knowledges in pioneering. After all of us built the houses we had some water activities where we all had a lot of fun because the probes were so funny.
In the evening all of us talked to the Swiss leaders and told his opinion about the scout laws from Switzerland and about the scout laws from Romania. After this we all went into the forest and we tried to escape from Alcatraz, a jail.
It was a great scene when some of us were sitting after a tree or others were lied down on the ground.

Thursday, 25 July 2002.

Ready, get set, go! After the usually morning things all the scouts were put in some teams and we all went to a contest of orientation in the forest with the compass. At the checkpoints there were some tests, different kind of useful tests.

In the afternoon all the scouts from Sibiu talked to the Swiss leaders about their opinions about the camp. When the leaders asked “ What you didn’t like? ” there was complete silence.

Friday, 26 July 2002.

Today we made four teams and we started in a hike of two days. This hike was special because each team received a map, some money and a destination ( a city where we had to find a place to sleep ).

Saturday, 27 July 2002.

It’s morning. Today all the four teams started their trip from the cities where they slept because at 2 o’clock p.m. we had to meet at the Schaffhausen swimming pool. The pool from Schaffhausen was so clean and everything was so great.
When we went back to the camp we talked to the leaders about our impressions about the camp.

Sunday, 28 July 2002.

Welcome! Today is the Parents Day, the day when all the parents came to visit our camp. We served the lunch with the parents and we all ate spaghetti.
In the evening there were four teams and the hotels competition began. It was very amusing when a few leaders were running after you in the forest, almost at the middle of the night.

Monday, 29 July 2002.

This day some of us tried to cook some Romanian traditional food and the others tried to entertain the Swiss scouts with some games that we learned in the camps where we went before Switzerland.
In the evening all the scouts made 4 different groups and than we went to find our God ,, Pitu “ that was caught by someone. The first clues were in some bottles in a forest full of bottles.
With the night actions from the camp all the scouts learned not to be afraid when you are alone in the forest and it’s night.

Tuesday – Wednesday, 30 – 31 July 2002.

After we woke up we all started a great trip to a magnificent place, the Rheinfall. We went about 18 kilometers by foot and in the night we slept at a farm. It was a great trip because all the way to the fall and back to the campsite we went through the forest. When we came back a great rain caught us and in was funny because we were all wet to the skin.

Thursday, 1 august 2002.

Happy birthday! Today is the national Swiss day and because of that we had to go to the Swiss Olympic games. This was a great and very funny competition.
In the evening we went to the Hagenturn because from there you could easily see the fireworks from the Rheinfall region. We had some fireworks in the camp but we used them only after we said the promise in front of the scouts.

Friday, 2 august 2002.

Today all the scouts started to take down the buildings that we built in the first days. There was a lot of activity in the camp because everybody wanted to do something useful.

Saturday, 3 august 2002.

All the scouts packed their things and we left the campsite.

The days after the camp.

In the days after the camp the scouts went and visited Zurich and Luzern and they had a lot of fun together.
The sad part was only when they had to leave.

Always ready!

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Autor: Andrei C.(v/o Schumi)
Înscris de: radu serban
Vizualizări: 10953, Ultima actualizare: Miercuri, 28 Aug 2002

Fără foto radu serban, Miercuri, 28 Aug 2002, 4:22

camp-ul asta nu prea tine de muntii Romaniei, dar tehnicile invatate aici vor fi folosite cu siguranta in turele noastre viitoare ... :-D

Titus Hen Titus Hen, Joi, 29 Aug 2002, 3:11

Cu cit mai multe schimburi de acest gen, cu atit mai bine! Poate asa se vor mai inmulti "florile de primavara" prin muntii Romaniei si nu numai. Desi telegrafic, jurnalul surprinde foarte bine atmosfera taberei.
La mai multe!

Poate o traducere in romana pt cei mai nestiutori in ale limbii lui Shakespeare ar fi binevenita.:-)

Fără foto GHEORGHIU PAUL, Joi, 15 Mai 2003, 16:00

Dear Schumi,
It looks like you had a great time in Switzerland with your friends. Thank you for sharing your experience and feelings about the camp with us. I am sure that all of you have learned a lot that summer and so did our friends from that country. Their misperception about what Romanians are, or not, is based on lack of communication. We need to do a better job at introducing ourselves to the world and they have to be willing to learn a little more about us. At any rate, you and your team mates represented Romania in what we have best in our country: a brighter and more hopeful future. Your organization should contact also the boy scouts of America. I hope that one day you will be crossing the ocean to spend an unforgetable summer with your American friends. They have wonderful exchange programs and I am convinced they will be delighted to invite you over and, why not?, to come and visit Romania, a place where there is so much natural beauty and history and where there are kind and wonderful people to meet. Good luck and, keep up with the good work!
Mawhah, New Jersey

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