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From: Razvan <>
Date: Fri, Aug 1, 2008, 4:01 pm
Subject: Re: [a] paza buna fereste primejdia rea-fulgerul

[...] Even talking on the telephone during a storm is not absolutely
safe. On average one person is killed by lightning while talking on
the phone each year. Standard telephones (what are coming to be called
land lines, meaning handsets that are plugged into outlets within the
home or office) can be somewhat of a risky proposition during an
electrical storm, as the wires through which telecommunications takes
place can be hit by lightning, with the resultant electrical discharge
instantly zapped through nearby handsets and data ports. Yet this
danger is small and the number of such strikes relatively low. Even
so, as thunderstorms approach, some people opt to unplug costly
electrical appliances from power outlets (lightning strikes to power
lines can send catastrophic discharge into one's TV) as well as
uncouple phone lines from computers and modems.

[...] Cell phones (and cordless portable phones) used indoors during
electrical storms are perfectly safe because there is no wire through
which the electrical discharge could travel. (The belief that
lightning can "follow the radio waves" into a cell phone is completely
unfounded.) And although some people feel cell phones pose a risk
when used outdoors because lightning is attracted to metal, handsets
generally contain insignificant amounts of metal

Razvan M.
CPNT Brasov

> Regulile elementare de prudenta spun ca pe timp de furtuna stingi
aparatura electronica si mai ales NU telefonezi. Asta in casa, darmite
afara, si pe mobil...
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