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de-ale lui Otto Hauck

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The Miončí Virgin Forest: Its Past and Present

published Tue, Feb 10, 2009, 12:18 pm in de-ale lui Otto Hauck

The Miončí Virgin Forest: Its Past and Present Very few protected natural landscape regions in the Czech Republic have generated such a degree of printed commentary as the Miončí virgin forest in the Besky dy mountains. One reason is that the original forest cover has survived over a relatively large area, and that its structure is very close to that of the natural forest that grew here from the beginning of time; another is that its beauty saved it from destruction and attracted the attention in words and images of authors and poets from as far back as the past century. The reason for the survival of this ancient forest up to the present day has been its isolated location. This natural wonder of the Silesian section of the Moravian-Silesian Beskyd range stands at the heart of the watershed of the small river Lomná, on a mountain ridge surrounded by a wreath of long forested peaks over a kilometer in elevation. In the past, when only a dirt track wound through the valley of Lomná, and the trees felled in the mountains could only be removed along these rough trails or by water, the transport of wood was more than difficult. In the most distant corners, wood was often processed directly on the spot, mostly for little more than firewood. Moreover, through the cottagers’...

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