Winter in Switzerland...

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Winter in Switzerland...
Data publicării: : 29 Nov 2007, vizualizări:: 814
Localizare geografica: Elveţia
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Dumitrel Marius Dumitrel Marius, Joi, 29 Nov 2007, 23:19

curata...zici ca e la barcaciu

Summit CH Summit CH, Vineri, 30 Nov 2007, 0:25

Yeah, I know how it is at Barcaciu... Have been there last winter. But you can also here in Switzerland find some remote farms or alpine huts, which are more rustic. For example at the "Bristen" Valley, there you find a tourist-dormitory, which looks pretty much like a Romanian Cabana. Its like time stands still there. But this farm in the Foto of course is very shiny...:-D

Fără foto GHEORGHIU PAUL, Vineri, 30 Nov 2007, 22:59

Somehow the snow seems to always be whiter across... the border... But not all that glitters is Switzerland. As a matter of fact, the Romanian "cabana" system is kind of unique in the world. It lost its glitter during the Communist regime but is coming back with lots of love and care invested in it by the Romanian people. Not the same can be said though about the Romanian government who spends more money on churches than on maintaining our natural treasures.

Summit CH Summit CH, Sâmbătă, 1 Dec 2007, 2:15

Yeah I know that and love the Romanian cabanas. Most of them are really nice and cosy places. But sadly some are now lacking money and miss the necessary investments.

Here in Switzerland the opposite is happening: Some of the huts are becoming more and more like "mini mountainhotels. I recently visited a mountain hut, which had at 2500 m hot showers, and a bubble bath... Thats strange for me. But you can still find rustic, wooden shelters, which are pretty much like they were 40 years ago.

But anyway the good thing is - most huts are open over the winter. They are unguarded and you have to put your money for your stay in a deposit box in the cabin. The whole system is based on mutual trust. Mostly the problem is then to reach the huts when there is a lot of snow, which can be difficult.

Fără foto GHEORGHIU PAUL, Sâmbătă, 1 Dec 2007, 5:52

I have to admit, in Romania we are a little bit short on "mutual trust" at this stage of the game. We definitely excel though in self-deprecating. That being said, Romanians still have a spiritual connection with their mountains and for many of us hiking is always an act of meditation, not just a sport or an adventure.

I am all for hot showers any time I can get one, but I can also live without one if the necessity arises. As long as we do not pollute the environment and we use solar energy to heat the water of which we then dispose wisely, a mini mountain hotel does not stay in the way of my spiritual experience.

Since this is public land, I feel though that the government should be the one administrating it by creating a special department in charge of something we now call eco-tourism. If you privatize it, you want to make sure that you also regulate the business and you have honest, nature loving rangers enforcing the rules. I am also a strong believer in mutual trust, but as mentioned before, we are not there yet in this part of the world, which I happen to love it no matter what.

I hope you will always find the strength to reach the huts you set your eyes on in your adventures through snow covered mountains. And, when in doubt, use snow-shoes (wink)!

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