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De la: Cristian Bichis <>
Data: Sâmbătă, 19 Apr 2003, 13:26
Subiect: RE: @ Everest 2003

Report 1: A few weeks ago we gave you some details about the first
Romanian expedition to Mount Everest, North Side. The leader of the
expedition is David Neacsu.


Click on this picture for the large version.

So, the members of the Romanian expedition are now in Base Camp, they
also went to the Advanced Base Camp at the beginning of this week.
Tomorrow they will start climbing to the Advanced Base Camp: tomorrow
will go there 4 persons, On Sunday another 4 and on Monday 4 more.


They have already set up the Advanced Base Camp and 6 tents at Camp 1.
They say that in BC it is very cold (minus 15-20 degrees at night) and
that the wind is blowing heavily. In 3 weeks they hope to fix the tents
in all the superior camps and around May 10 they will be ready for the
ascension and will wait for the fine days that will allow them to climb
to the peak.

All the members are ok, there are no health problems. The Sherpas told
them that the fine days will come after a great storm on the mountain,
as it usually happens there. The team from PROTV (well known television
channel in Romania) are still at the border with China, with all the
necessary equipment for transmissions, and they are to arrive in Base
Camp next week.
Mesajele sunt preluate ca atare de la sursele menţionate.
Nu ne asumăm nici o responsabilitate pentru forma şi conţinutul lor.

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