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Profil track - Bucium

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Profil track

Track description: Traseu de la Palatul Culturii din Iasi, pana la rezervatia Bucium

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Submitted by:
Date of the last modification:
Modified by:
Total points:
Total length:
Total walking time:
Radu Sora
Fri, Oct 8, 2004
Radu Sora
253.82 km
Minimum latitude:
Maximum latitude:
Minimum longitude:
Maximum longitude:
Minimum altitude:
Maximum altitude:
Total ascent:
Total descent:
45.8433 °N
47.164 °N
26.6489 °E
27.8303 °E
31 m
698 m
1438 m
2070 m
Starting point coordinates:
Starting point altitude:
End point coordinates:
End point altitude
45.9238 °N 26.6489 °E
687 m
47.164 °N 27.5828 °E
55 m

Point list

No. Point Altitude Time Distance Latitude Longitude
1 Start
687 m0'0 km45.9238 °N26.6489 °E
2 Sfârșit
55 m0'253.82 km47.164 °N27.5828 °E
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