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      What Alpinet means? How did it appear? How can you help? These are just a few questions to which you will find answers in the next lines...

      1. What is Alpinet?
We like to call everything you can see and find on this website, "The Alpinet Project ". Everything started from the idea to gather more and more resources related to the mountains, and especially to the Romanian Carpathians. " The Alpinet Project" includes in chronological order of appeareance in the "virtual scene", the e-zine "Invitation to the Carpathians" a list of discussions on mountain subjects, a chat channel and these web pages.

      2. How did Alpinet appear?
Grig launched in 1997 the magazine "Invitation to the Carpathians". More than one year after, as a result of a conversation with his virtual friend Radu, another nature lover appeared on the alpine.t discussion group. Some time later, (and after a strong enrichment of the members list who alternatively had discussed on a chat channel), at the end of 1999, Iskander came with the idea (and the resources) of creating the site

This is how the second message sent by Iskander on this theme on alpinet.t list looked like:

1. The ISP I'm working on has bought a lot of addresses and now it wants to buy domain names, because it doesn't want to keep them numerical. That`s why it proposed to me to make a list (ie.,, etc.). There will exist also servere of irc, battlenet, etc, etc. For every proposal I must make a fundamenation, because they don't give money on nothing. In this way I thought at a domain like, but the name can obviously be modified The problem is that I must explain to the man who decide that this is serious and this site will have a realtive big interest for the "surfers".

2. In the case I receive enough positive reactions to this initiative, I can show the pages to them, so that the man can have his own opinion about how the site will be. For example I can show him the pages lyceum, of some listers, the well known magazine, etc. Without this thing it doesn't make sense for me to make any move.

3. On the respective domain we will be "absolute" chiefs. This mean we can create every posible facility on the internet from ftp accounts, email lists until data basis. The work done will be free.

4. Regarding data security, it will be assured by....myself:-)) In essence it will be a HDD of 8.4 which will be dedicated to this thing, even at begining it will be on something else. So in the worst case the pages will not be available for short durations, in which the computer crashes, the optical fiber crashes etc, etc. By no means they will be deleted or to happen what happend at IMA, with, where they treated the people with indifference. Anyway, even if this miracle happens, it would not be permitted for everyone to put theier pages here, but a subjective selection will be made:-))

5. The comercial aspect of the page... is probabily that the ISP will want a link to it on the page, eventually a banner. As for, I don't think that exist any obstacle in co-opting other sponsors. Anyway, I will discuss this thing with the people "in charge". Anyhow this will be it would be better than geocities or xoom were they sufocate you with windows and banners.

6. I was reffering to "colaboration" as a group work, together with the people who are not afraid of working and spending some of theier free time for this cause. Also I was NOT thinking that this domain to be a mirror for the listers pages, unless the will want to put theier page near the one which will be there. So, I want some personality for the site, a professional personality, not a motley mixture of beatiful pages. To be clear, I don't do this to render evident and neither because I have free time and I don't know how to use it or I have to win something material speaking...

7. This thing beeing "a little" serious :-)), I ask those who want to get in this to send me private messages so we can understand eachother so I can insist for the domain. And to not forget that we will have to work! We will have also performant tools (like scanner, foto digital, etc), and the PCs are superperfomants. Even I am from Bucharest or from everywhere else we will understand eachother very well (I hope).

8. Even I don't receive this reactions I will try to get a domain such as alpinet.*.ro, but only if the first variant totally fails. Anyway, what I said until now is not a promise, but a posibility offered to us and it would be a shame not to try to do something.

From here, there has been an evolution until the stage you can see.

      3. How can you help us?
Every visit means something for us. You can contribute to the development of these pages with photos, pages with photos, journals, trails description, information.

And don't forget, you can find as anytime at!